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My name is María (madartia on social media). I am an illustrator and architect from Seville, Spain.

I grew up in a small town with my mother and grandparents, surrounded by many plants and animals. As an only child, I used drawing and books from an early age to escape reality and inhabit other worlds. I ended up studying architecture at the University of Seville, a career that although very technical, had a creative side that I did not want to lose.

For three years I have combined my work as an architect with private illustration commissions and personal works, always seeking to improve and learn new techniques.

I like to find beauty where apparently there is not, beauty that resides in the everyday, in the decadent, abandoned in the hands of time and nature and in small human dramas.

My artworks reflect upon human relationships with nature and their own emotions. They are figurative pieces with magic realism touches, normally done in graphite, ink, watercolour and/or digital.

  • "Generación no espontánea" - El Silo Eléctrico Gallery, Granada, Spain. (2022)

  • Selected Artist for the VIII Edition Mazoka Drawing & Illustration Festival - Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. (2022)

  • "Los Calendarios Anónimos" - Editorial Cocó, 2008. Serie of 12 interior illustrations for the poem book of sevillian writer Salvador Reyes de Cózar.

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