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Mixed media artwork. Pencil and charcoal drawing. Sewing. Woman sleeping

Personal work

This piece tries to reflect on the creative process itself as the ultimate product of the cultural baggage, experiences and memories of the author.

It also revolves around the concept of intruder/new being in the artistic world represented by the figure in fetal position.

The incorporation of embroidery based on drawings made during childhood add another layer on that reflection about the artistic creative process, a process that began in those early years and continues to the present. The elements chosen to be made with thread continue to be present in the author artworks currently, and are capable of connecting with anyone as they are already part of the collective imagination, symbols of childhood themselves.

The process has consisted of two parts, one more familiar and traditional, the drawing, and a second more experimental consisting of the embroidery on paper. This second part, handmade, has been in itself a regression to the past, sewing being an activity not carried out since childhood and shared with other women in the family and/or neighbors serving as an emotional link to the past.

Mixed Media: Watercolour, charcoal, graphite, colour pencil and thread on Fabriano paper ((300g/m2). 

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